Gallery IV installation

It is possible to install the Gallery-software locally or it can be installed as a cloud service
Before the first installation the Gallery IV installation key codes will be needed. The codes will be provided to You after the contract has been made between our companies.

How to install the Gallery server sofware locally
The following software will be needed
– FileMaker Server 15
– FileMaker Pro 15
– TeamViewer Host 11*
After the server installation please send the following information to our support, support(at) The server IP number, the TeamViewer remote ID number and the TeamViewer password. (Please use different e-mails to send the info to us for security reasons).
After this the File Gallery Oy will install the Gallery IV databases to Your server.
If the cloud service is going to be used, the server will be installed as a cloud service**

Gallery user software installation
The FileMaker Pro 15 software will be installed locally for every user.
After this the File Gallery Oy will provide the “OpenGalleryIV” file to You. This file will be copied for every user as a desktop start file by Your local ICT support.

Additional installation for Your contact person
The TeamViewer Gallery_Quicksupport file will be installed for the contact person for later remote connections.

Need help for the installation?
Our partners handles the installation if needed.
Windows: Jepit Oy, Jere Tuokkola, +358 44 052 2555, jere.tuokkola(at)
Mac: Plan A Consulting Oy, Perttu Aaltonen, +358 40 684 7447, perttu.aaltonen(at)

*Follow the installation instructions except select “Start TeamViewer automatically with Windows”  and create a new permanent password and write it down. 
**Our cloud service partners: Plan A Consulting Oy, Perttu Aaltonen, +358 40 684 7447, perttu.aaltonen(at) and THH Oy, Antti Sutela, +358 40 410 8000, antti.sutela(at)

File Maker 15

File maker server 15 system and hardware requirements:

File maker Pro 15 system specifications

Installation links:

File Maker
The links will be delivered to the customer during installation process.

Team Viewer

More information ja

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