Gallery IV program is the solution for the Company´s administrative workflow processes from CRM to monitoring and controlling the sales invoices. 

The crm, offerings, production planning, budgeting, invoicing and to control the sales invoices or to handle all the transactions between other invoice systems are Gallery IV features. Read more about the features below.




Our goal is to help our customers to develop their business as “holistically” as possible.
Systems should always support the company totally and all the operations in all possible ways. Systems are for us, humans.

High quality and functional ERP-system is the most important tool for the company. System supports the sales and marketing and it is irreplaceable tool for financial management, helps to schedule and makes the production more efficient and outputs the necessary information for the business executives – in real time!

Gallery ERP is easy, quick and comfy to use.

Customer Relation Management

Person- and company info

Customers are always humans!

In our CRM all of the client information can be handled on personal-, group-, or on company level, depending on the of the project.

Add a customer to Gallery! It’s so easy that you can even imagine it.

Whit one quick glimpse it is possible to see the status of all the contacts, offers, orders and invoices.

The files (Word, PDF, Excel) can be embedded to the clients contact card, for example the offer requests, details and other information. This information is available for all persons who has access to this part of the Gallery in the company.

The client info can be printed as labels and it can be saved as a file for possible personalized printing, directly from the Gallery.

With one click of a mouse it is possible to determine the ban of supplying.

The balance of the finished products are available at all times.


All of the contacts can be saved easily for the users that has access to this part of the Gallery. Contact management can be operated with the way that is common in the company.

The whole organization benefits when all the contacts are available for all of the persons in the team. Especially times when contact persons are not available, for example sick leaves, holidays etc.

Tracking and follow-up, for all of the contacts, can be done easily with one simple browse.

offers and -calculations

Flexible, fast and easy!

Sometimes the pricing could be like rolling the dices. The Gallery pricing relies on the true numbers. It is logical, consistent and the pricing is based on the cost of the own work, material- and subcontractor prices, always!

Cost structure, sales margin, gross margin, profit percentage, are available for the sales person with one glimpse of an eye.

With the pre-determined product models the new offer can be done fast as lightning.

Ready made offer can be copied. The time spent for one offer can be squished to minimum.

Alternative offer is also possible in the Gallery. In this case there are only one product, but for example different material variations.

Before approving the final price it is important for the sales person to check all the work phases in the production that are in use for the product. It can be done with the Gallery in the same form where all the calculations and pricing is done.

If the sub-contractor is used, the offer request for the sub-contractor can be created and send directly from the Gallery offer calculation form, with the Gallery send-mail feature as a PDF file.

Warehouse products and other articles can be offered with the production products. 

Environmental certificate information is also included in the offer.

Ready calculated offer can be send as a PDF file directly from the Gallery.

There are “reminder call” feature in the Gallery to remind the sales person to contact the client after the offer has been sent. It can be preset to send the reminder for example after one week after the offer has been sent. This can be done directly in the Gallery contact form.

managing the orders

Offer = Order

The offer is converted to the order with one click of a mouse in a offer form. No separate forms, all the information that has been inserted to the offer form converts as accepted data to the order.

If necessary the confirmation of the order can be send to the client.

The order is completed with the deadlines and instructions for the production.

The order can be done also directly, without an offer.

production planning, -monitoring and -reporting

Everything under control with the production calendar

Ready made orders will be inserted to the production calendar. Detailed production schedule will be created.

The orders can be arranged for the daily production with time frames or arranging the orders with the running numbers.

The production is monitored with the color symbols.

Different production phases will be accepted with the (user) name of the responsible person in the production, when ready. The material consumption and working hours is reported at the same time.

The deviations in the production can be reported separately.

Not finalized products can be monitored with the production list. Production list shows all the products and production in real time. It is a very important tool for managers and sales persons.

The real time production can also be monitored with the production device list. This is a good tool for the production operators. It shows the load and real time status of each different production device.


All the deliveries are divided to four different categories:

  1. Proof-/model delivery
  2. In house delivery (Concern)
  3. Sub-contractor delivery
  4. Ready made delivery

Every different delivery has a unique features. The features are handled with the different forms and all the features are easily available in the forms.

The dispatch unit steers all the deliveries with the one -easy to handle- screen.

The covering notes, freight declarations and all the stickers for the deliveries is printed from the Gallery, including the international GTIN and SSCC bar codes.

When it is time for the delivery the message will be send to the client, directly from the dispatch form from the Gallery.


The order will be accepted and the bill will be generated.

One order can be split to many invoices, or many orders can be combine as a consolidated invoice.

If the order is still open the prepayment can be generated.

In smaller production it is possible to accept the order and invoice at the same time. This helps a lot the work of the biller. 

E-billing, ask for the details for Your country.

Factoring invoices can easily send to banks.

If there are outsourced invoice services, the data transfer can be done.

All the invoices is transferred to selected accounts ledger.

material management

The material prices are inserted to the storage.

The price lists can be updated at any time.

In the material storage every item will be allocated to the specified storage units.

The storage status will be updated in real time according to production consumption.

The ready made products are also in the storage.

Items in the storage can be marked as a favorites. The list of favorites is available when creating a new offer.

The operator in the storage can monitor the status of the open productions from one simple list. With this information the new material order can be created. There are also possibility to set alarm levels for different materials.

Inventory can be done at any time. The new balance can be updated with one button.

sales tracking and budgeting

Clear budgets, clear goals

Budgets will be created to the Gallery as a goals for the sales reps.

Budgets can be done for one sales person or for a sales team. It is monthly based.

Budgeting for the most important clients can be done separately, but budget can also be done only with the number (money) goals.

Follow-up of sales can be done with the same form easily. It can be done monthly based or cumulatively.


Reports for all

  • sales- and customer follow ups
  • status of the offers
  • offer base
  • order base
  • jobs in production 
  • profitability of the products
  • profitability of the working phases
  • sub-contractors
  • deliveries
  • deviations
  • production monitoring
  • storage balances
  • storage events
  • material consumption
  • material needs
  • invoicing
  • invoice diary
  • Intrastat 

All the reports can be outputted to an Excel or other spreadsheets for analyzing.


Product Registry the heart of the Gallery

The fast and easy use of the Gallery is based on the ready made product models.

The product line is created for every product. It includes all the work phases that is needed to create the product. Simple as that!

Pricing is based on production costs, but it is also possible to use ready made price lists.

GTIN code can be used with the product.

Product information can be send automatically to the company’s web storage, for example every night.

devices / processes

The identity of the device

The identity for every device is defined in the Gallery. It includes technical details, capacity and costs.

All the work phases is defined. With that information the final unique work phase is added to the production.


The companies and the offices are defined to the Gallery.

The language and user rights are defined for different functions for the users.

There are several different parameters that will be defined to the Gallery. With these parameters the Gallery will be managed at your company.


Gallery IV installation

It is possible to install the Gallery-software locally or it can be installed as a cloud service
Before the first installation the Gallery IV installation key codes will be needed. The codes will be provided to You after the contract has been made between our companies.

How to install the Gallery server sofware locally
The following software will be needed
– FileMaker Server 15
– FileMaker Pro 15
– TeamViewer Host 11*
After the server installation please send the following information to our support, support(at) The server IP number, the TeamViewer remote ID number and the TeamViewer password. (Please use different e-mails to send the info to us for security reasons).
After this the File Gallery Oy will install the Gallery IV databases to Your server.
If the cloud service is going to be used, the server will be installed as a cloud service**

Gallery user software installation
The FileMaker Pro 15 software will be installed locally for every user.
After this the File Gallery Oy will provide the “OpenGalleryIV” file to You. This file will be copied for every user as a desktop start file by Your local ICT support.

Additional installation for Your contact person
The TeamViewer Gallery_Quicksupport file will be installed for the contact person for later remote connections.

Need help for the installation?
Our partners handles the installation if needed.
Windows: Jepit Oy, Jere Tuokkola, +358 44 052 2555, jere.tuokkola(at)
Mac: Plan A Consulting Oy, Perttu Aaltonen, +358 40 684 7447, perttu.aaltonen(at)

*Follow the installation instructions except select “Start TeamViewer automatically with Windows”  and create a new permanent password and write it down. 
**Our cloud service partners: Plan A Consulting Oy, Perttu Aaltonen, +358 40 684 7447, perttu.aaltonen(at) and THH Oy, Antti Sutela, +358 40 410 8000, antti.sutela(at)

File Maker 15

File maker server 15 system and hardware requirements:

File maker Pro 15 system specifications

Installation links:

File Maker
The links will be delivered to the customer during installation process.

Team Viewer

More information ja

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